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Riding gear and accessories

For your comfort we recommend bringing your own riding gear with you, however if you want to travel light, we have a wide range of quality riding gear, accessories and luggage available for hire at very reasonable rates. We can cater for all sizes, and you can choose the gear you require on arrival at one of our rental locations, however bookings are recommended particularly in high season. 

We can also sell great gear for those visiting our Delhi Location, which may be a better option for long term rentals.

Available for hire:

  • Helmets - All safety standards approved   
  • Gloves    
  • Armored Jackets
  • Armored Pants 
  • Top boxes
  • Tank bags

Prices for Riding Gear & Accessories
Riding boots are the only item of gear you are likely to need that we do not provide - footwear needs to fit well so it is best to bring your own boots!

Motorbike Riding Accessories/Gears

Rental Catalog

Item Rental (1-5 days) Rental (6-15 days) Rental (16-30 days) Security Deposit
Ladakh Pannier 100 INR/day 75 INR/day Free 0
Petrol Container 120 INR one time 120 INR one time Free 0
USB/Mobile Charger 75 INR/day 850 INR one time 850 INR one time 0
Mobile Mount 75 INR/day 550 INR one time 550 INR one time 0
Helmet (Full/half face) Free Free Free 0
Armored Jacket 250 INR/day 200 INR/day 2500 INR one time 5000 INR
Armored Pant 250 INR/day 200 INR/day 2500 INR one time 5000 INR
Gloves 75 INR/day 50 INR/day 1000 INR one time 0
Sleeping bag 250 INR/day 200 INR/day 2000 INR one time 0
First Aid Kit 150 INR/day 100 INR/day 1250 INR one time 0
Puncture Kit 150 INR/day 100 INR/day 750 INR one time 0
Saddle Bag 150 INR/day 100 INR/day 1800 INR one time 0
Bungee Cords 80 INR one time 80 INR one time 80 INR one time 0
GPS NA 250 INR/day 200 INR/day 5000 INR
Knee/Elbow protector 100 INR/day 1250 INR one time 1250 INR one time 0
Portable gas cooker 250 INR/day 200 INR/day 150 INR/day 0
Tank bag 150 INR/day 100 INR/day 75 INR/day 0
Face mask 50 INR/day 550 INR one time 550 INR One Time 0
Disposable Oxygen Can 750 INR One Time 750 INR One Time 750 INR One Time 0

Note: Pre-order is mandatory to reserve the required gears/accessories.
Any on-spot requirements will not be entertained!
Above mentioned rates are not applicable for Himalayan or KTM models!

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