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Don't waste your time looking for a bike rental shop. Call us and we will bring the bikes to you! StoneheadBikes.com has been offering a motorbikes delivery service in the city since 2007.

We understand what urgent means. We will immediately pick up your documents/small packages and send it right away to your destination. We also handle rapid distribution of invites, tickets, and whatever else you or your company needs to send. For very important items, we provide a "VIP confirmation" service, where our call center will immediately follow up with recipients to confirm arrival of item.

For the safety of your items, we will not take any items that are not appropriate for motorcycle transport and/or contain breakables. We also do not allow delivery of any illegal items. Please contact our call center to confirm if your items fit our requirements.


StoneheadBikes is ready to partner up with businesses that need a fast transport and delivery service. We can help companies deliver merchandise, transport employees, distribute invites or documents, and many other possibilities. Email us at info@stoneheadbikes.com or call us at (91) 8800371553 and we will tailor a solution that's right for your company's specific needs.


Ever wish someone can instantly do your shopping and food takeout for you? Our drivers can buy you any items you need from mini-markets, restaurants, and other retailers.

Currently we are able to purchase for you at any retailer that accepts VISA Debit Card for amounts up to Rs. 20,000. If the final purchase price turns out to be more than Rs. 20,000, our driver will prioritize the first items on your shopping list. If you already know that your purchase will be more than that amount, we will first send our driver to pick up the cash from you and we will charge a fee from your location to the retail store and back again.

Because of the volume of potential products we kindly ask you to know exactly what items (brand, size, dish, etc) you want to avoid errors in purchasing.


Step Ist: Call us at (91) 8800371553 and tell us if you need a ride, want to send a package, or need some shopping done.

Step IInd: Our Call Center will calculate the fare based on distance. Once agreed, SHB will send the nearest driver to pick up or complete your task. You will receive a confirmation of the booking through SMS.

Step IIIrd: If a driver experiences difficulty finding your location or completing a task, our call center will assist them problem-solve any challenges in the field.

Step IVth: Once the driver arrives at your location, he will ring your doorbell or inform someone in the building. If he is still unsuccessful, our Call Center will give you a call to co-ordinate the meeting.

Step Vth: Once the driver has completed your order, he will collect the payment as was pre-agreed when the booking was made.

CALL TODAY AT (91) 8800371553 or shoot a mail to info@stoneheadbikes.com to know more.

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